Stellar PST Splitter Crack Free Download + Serial Key

By | March 30, 2023

Free Download PST Splitter Full Version Crack

Stellar PST Splitter Crack file splitting software is designed to split large Pst files into smaller Pst files based on the sender’s email ID and date. An interactive user interface makes it easy to share PSTs without prior knowledge.

PST splitter free download with crack is a non-destructive application that uses advanced scanning methods to share PST files and ensure full security of the original PST file. The software categorizes large PST files based on the sender’s email ID and date. To sort the pst file by date, you need to enter the exact number of months or days you received the email.

PST file splitter splits or splits large PST files into smaller parts without affecting the data format of the original PST file. This software supports the PST file-splitting process by providing PST splitting options according to the selected splitting criteria.

However, to split the PST file by email identifier, you have to select the email identifier of the user whose email needs to be saved in a particular PST file. This software allows users to view messages in 3-view format, restore RTF and HTML message formats, and create a unique profile for individual PST files.

Stellar PST Splitter License Key

It supports MS Outlook 2003 2007, 2010, 2013 and Outlook 2016 and is compatible with Windows 2003 / Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective tool to recover your valuable emails. This software is very easy to use and requires no prior technical knowledge.

pst partition registry key kernel is backed with 24X5 unlimited customer support and 30 days money back guarantee. All its Stellar products are produced by a company with more than 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in 137 countries.

Every Microsoft Outlook user should know the file size limit of PST files. And every time the PST file exceeds the predefined size limit, a big problem arises. For example, it slows down the performance of Outlook or causes corrupted PST files. When a user tries to access or open a huge PST file, Outlook crashes or crashes quickly.

However, managing and accessing PST files is very difficult for users and the situation becomes worse when a large PST file is corrupted. At this point, the user may lose all important emails and other mailbox data. To avoid all these situations, users should split the large PST file into smaller parts. However, neither Outlook nor Microsoft provides such a program to be able to split PST files.

Systools Splitter PST Crack Tool

Managing large Outlook data files (.pst) is not easy. Therefore, the user divides it into several parts. Doing the same with a reliable product is always beneficial. As explained above, choosing to isolate PST with good results is not safe and possible.

This feature of Stellar PST Splitter software protects PST files from damage that usually occurs in very large PST files. To share a PST file, you can select it using the “Add PST” or “Drag and Drop” option. In addition, the “Find PST” option helps to find all PST files present in the system.

Split Stellar PST Splitter file by date range

Stellar PST Splitter Crack provides “Split by date” option to split PST file by date. Use this option if you want to split one or more PST files based on a date range. To share a file, specify to create a new PST file for all emails sent or received in a date range, or all emails sent or received in the last n months. To share multiple PST files, select them from different locations on your system or select the folder where the PST file is located.

The software provides a split size option to split a large PST file into several smaller PST files. Use this to avoid corruption problems caused by very large PST files. Select the PST from a folder or different locations on your system. Then split the PST file into multiple files with sizes like 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 30GB or 50GB.

Stellar PST Splitter software has “Split by Email” option to split Outlook PST file based on email ID. This handy feature allows you to create new PST files for all emails with email IDs specified in fields like “To”, “Cc” or “BCc” included in existing Outlook emails.

Provide option to select and share

The software provides a “Select and Split” option to split PST files into specific folders. This option allows you to select one or more folders in an Outlook PST file, and then split them into multiple PST files that include only the folders you specified.

Stellar PST Splitter is a risk-free software that splits Outlook PST files without changing the structure or content of the original PST file. Additionally, after splitting, HTML and RTF emails will retain their original formatting in the resulting PST files.

The software will generate a log report of the entire PST file splitting process once the process is complete. You can save a log report, which can help you check the total number of entries in the original PST files and split PST files.

The software provides an advanced option to split a PST file into multiple PST files based on multiple date ranges. Several distribution functions can be performed here in one operation. Additionally, you can specify locations to save the resulting PST file in a different date range.

Stellar PST File Splitter is integrated with an advanced algorithm and can split multiple PST files in one process.

Stellar PST Splitter allows you to create batch files and save settings to automatically split multiple PST files without problems. The batch file contains the information needed to automatically split the PST file.

How to install Stellar PST Splitter Crack?

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